15 Urgent Reasons Why You Need an Online Will

The well-being of your family is your top priority. Are they protected in the event of your death? Read on for 15 compelling reasons for writing an online will.

By The NationalWillKit.com

If you remember the 1988 video game The Colonel’s Bequest, you’re certainly old enough to make a Will. But the fact is, a majority of adults don’t have a Last Will and Testament.57% is the exact number of adults who don’t have a Will. And you can draw up a Will at age 18 in most countries. If in doubt, ask the government how old you have to be to write a Will.

Why do people decline to make out a Last Will and Testament? Don’t they know death is waiting at everybody’s door? Don’t they realize that the government cannot know what you want and will determine who gets what when they die? When you consider the average cost to make a Will, it seems foolish.

But for some reason, a major portion of adults don’t care enough to draw up a Will. Even when there are options like an Online Will right at their fingertips.

But you’re in luck. Because you’re actually reading an article that could convince you to take stock of your assets and remember you don’t have to have a Will notarized when you do it online.

And that’s our aim today. To convince you to write a simple Will. To see what constitutes a legally binding Will.

What is a Legal Will?

1. Don’t Feel Like Writing an Online Will? Think of the Children!

If you have no children, you might think we’re talking to a select few. But many people have or want children and worry about how much does it cost to hire a lawyer to make a Will as they need to be provided for.

And if you’re married and don’t have a Will, the state or a judge could decide who will look after your children after you’ve gone. You might think, “Great! It’s obvious my children should go to; my spouse!”

But it’s not as easy as that in some places. The definition of “child” or “children” can differ from place to place. And so does the definition of marriage.

Here are a few instances where the definition of “child” and “children” might affect how the government decides on who looks after your children:

Adopted Children: Fortunately, in most places adopted children are treated as biological. But you have to worry about how to make a Legal Will or make a simple online Will that will include adopted or stepchildren.

Stepchildren: This is the opposite of adopted children. Although you might feel like your stepchildren are your adopted children, many judges will not continue that arrangement if the biological parent dies. You have to legally adopt them before that parents death. So you absolutely must leave your instructions in your Last Will and Testament.

Same-Sex Married Couples With Children: Whether a court will acknowledge a same-sex marriage depends on the place and even possibly the judge. So if you are in a same-sex marriage and have, or plan on having children, you should find out how much does it cost to have an estate plan to cover all possibilities because you probably will need it.

2. You Want Someone in Control Whom You Trust

If you don’t write an online Will or another kind of Last Will and Testament, the court will appoint someone to distribute your estate. This person is called a “personal representative” or some similar name.

If you care about your estate, you can choose your own personal representative to handle matters or how much should it cost to set up a trust, if that is what you want.

Who will be named personal representative if no Will is in effect? This depends on who survived you.

Your surviving spouse could be named. So could any of your children. And if no relative can be named, then whichever creditor to whom you owe the most debt, will most likely be appointed representative of your estate after 45 days or similar period.

3. You Can Do Some Good With Your Estate

Taxes aren’t fun. And since they’re the other assured thing in life, you might be able to both reduce the tax burden on your estate by leaving money to a good cause.

An Online Will isn’t just for disbursing your estate to your heirs. If you have no property at the moment, it’s still a good thing to write a simple Will to avoid any complications.

Your legacy isn’t something you should take lightly. The purpose of a Last Will & Testament is to make clear your intentions of what you want to happen when you pass away.

4. Prevent Familial Discord

The cliché murder mystery usually involves a very rich dead man and a feuding family. Slowly, the heirs disappear one by one until the amateur sleuth catches the murderer.

While your family may not resort to murder to nab your estate, there could be some fighting. Have an expensive stereo set? George and Milford might fight over who gets it.

If you write an online will designating George as the beneficiary of the stereo set, you will settle any possible arguments ahead of time. Writing an online will gives your family time to grieve over you rather than fight over your stuff. You need to put your trust in a Will to resolve these disputes beforehand.

5. Allow Family Time to Grieve

If you have assets and love your family you need to consider what information constitutes a legally binding Will. In the absence of a Will, everything to do with your estate goes through a court and, as the cost to have an estate plan and a Will is not expensive, you need to consider what you should do.

It’s exhausting when you have to deal with a beloved’s estate and take care of funeral proceedings at the same time. It’s even worse with court proceedings added on top, so at least you should find out how much does it cost to have an estate plan, prepared well in advance.

Help your family and write a simple Will. You may not care about where your stuff or your money goes, but your family will be grateful. And doing an online will is quick and easy.

6. You Might Be Young, But...

Death is sure. Most of us think it will come for us when we’re old and sleeping in our beds.

But reality is more grim. About 8% of deaths each year are in the 15-64 year age bracket. When you consider how many people live in just North America, that’s a lot of people who die before they reach their 70’s.

Death comes in all shapes and times. And while life isn’t necessarily a Final Destination screenplay, you need to consider early to write your own Will to help your family survive your death.

If you think you have time, you don’t. You need to find out now how much does it cost to make a Will and what is the best online Will program.

7. Minimize Probate

The probate process takes place if you have a Will or not. But a Will makes the process that much easier. And perhaps in your location, you do not have to have a Will notarized, so that makes it easier.

What is probate?

Probate is the process of proving a Will or gathering and distributing an estate. The court is involved, but its involvement will be minimized when a Will is in place.

The court’s role in this is mainly to oversee the process. Your closest relatives will have a much easier time if you have already made a Will, even if you wrote a simple Will without a lot of detail.

So, we recommend you don’t wait until you are ill or incapacitated to find out how much does it cost to have an estate plan or at least some arrangements made.

8. It’s Cheap to Make an Online Will

Now, the question is: how much do you think both a legal will and a living will would cost you?

$1000? $2000?

Most people think the cost of making a Will is expensive. Others ask how much it costs for a Will and power of attorney. But most people don’t really have an idea on how much it costs to make a Will and think they can write a Will for free in the belief it is good enough.

With an Online Will such as at National Will Kit, you only have to pay $47.00. And that includes a Free Living Will at no extra charge.

9. You Should Get A Living Will Too

If you are involved in a serious accident or have a serious illness and can’t express your wishes, someone has to make decisions about your medical care. If there is no Living Will, your loved ones will have to make those decisions for you. So here’s another problem; how much does it cost to get a Living Will?

While you can’t predict every eventuality with medical care, some symptoms are common enough to make decisions about prior to your hospitalization.

One of the most common advanced directives is a “Do Not Resuscitate” order. This means that if you can’t live without attempts to resuscitate such as CPR or a breathing machine, then they should let you die.

This is a way to both avoid suffering and ease the burden on your loved ones.

Other common directives include administering palliative care to ease suffering.

10. If You Own A Business Get an Online Will

People spend years building their business. And absent a Will, your business has no direction unless you provide one..

Whoever inherits your business will have to sift through a lot of information just to figure out where to go from here, if you do not establish a Will. And they will have to deal with the tax authorities.

Planning your business estate is essential to keeping your hard earned legacy alive. And the only way to communicate with your heirs from beyond the grave, is through a Last Will and Testament. And you need to find out how much it costs to settle an estate as your business will be included in your assets.

Plus, the government will continue to tax your business with or without a Will in place. But you can minimize this tax burden on your business just like you would for your family. You need to make certain that the process after you death will be as smooth as possible.

11. Even if You Have a Will, You Should Update It

In 2008, we saw the entire financial world turned upside down. People who owned multiple properties suddenly faced foreclosure. People who had steady jobs, were suddenly jobless.

Your estate can fluctuate from year to year. And if you suddenly lose it all or suddenly win the Powerball lottery, you will have some changes to make.

Essentially, it should be just like your taxes. Review your Will every year and you won’t have any regrets. Plus, you’ll get two mildly unpleasant things out of the way at the same time if you couple it with doing your tax return.

12. Control Your Funeral Service

Not everybody is like Robert Duvall’s character in the 2009 film Get Low. Most people don’t even think about their funeral before their death. But you need to consider what does it mean to get your affairs in order.

But you can help your family and friends out with a pre-arranged funeral. It sounds grim and depressing. But it can actually be sort of fun in an odd way to prepay for your cremation or opt for a prepaid funeral plan.

Have you ever considered how you want your remains to be dealt with? People are coming up with some mighty creative ways to spell out their disposal.

You could even direct your descendants to literally plant you as a tree. Bios Urn will turn your remains into tree food. Your energy will go to growing a tree instead of grass.

But if you want this to happen, you have to specify it in your Will. Otherwise, who knows what kind of funeral your family might hold to say goodbye.

13. Think of The Pets!

Pets are like children to a lot of people. And you hear heartwarming stories all the time of a beloved dog or cat staying by their deceased owners until someone finds them.

But what happens when you are deceased and your animals need help? Where do they go?

If you attend to this in your Will, you can know for sure. You’ll know your furry friends will be well cared for after you pass.

14. A Backup For Your Living Trust or Estate Plan

Some people think they don’t need a Will if they have a living trust or an estate plan. But like we said before, your estate fluctuates. Things change.

And if something happens or certain assets are left out of your trust, you need a backup as a catch-all. This will ensure all of your estate goes to the right people. It is important to have an estate plan that works for you. Or perhaps consider if it is better to have a Will or a Trust.

15. Enjoy Peace of Mind

If the thought of death keeps you up at night, once you create a Will, you can sleep a little better knowing your estate will go to the right people.

Many people don’t realize how the act of creating a Will can ease worries. You may not even realize you used to worry about your estate until after you’ve finalized your arrangements.

It’s like facing a day full of things to do without writing them down. Your day always seems less daunting when you write it all down and do them one by one.

Conclusion: Get Your Peace of Mind Today

There is no time like the present to get your online will written.

One day could be a day too late, so go online right now and fill out a will.

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