National Will Kit

Protect your Loved Ones With Your Will...Dying without a Will is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.


National Will Kit


The National Will Kit

    • If you die without a Will, the government will decide who is entitled to inherit.
    • Because without a Will, it has no idea what your wishes are.
    • Dying without a Will can mean devastating consequences for the people you love.
    • This Legal Will is your last message to your family.
    • If you don't do it now, when will you?

    ACT NOW! Legal Will for ONLY $49.00

    You will receive Your Last Will immediately after your purchase as a PDF download.

    How Important Is It To Have A Last Will & Testament?

    Here's what happens without a Will


    No Will

    As many as 66% of Canadian & Americans do not have a Will. And when each one dies their wishes will be irrelevant.

    Your spouse and your children will wonder why you caused so much unhappiness.


    No Choice

    The government will now arbitrarily decide who will receive a share of your possessions and what happens to your children.

    If you want control of the estate and children, it is now too late to act.


    Last Will

    A Last Will & Testament tells everybody what your wishes are and that is why everybody needs a Will. Older people, younger people, parents with children and those without a lot of possessions need to say in writing what their wishes are.


    Solves Problem

    And now that you have decided to make a Will, you need to act. Putting it off any longer, just adds another problem in your life to be solved. So what are some of the results of dying without a Will?

    Dying Without a Will or Intestate

    If you die without a Will, each state dictates how your estate is distributed.

    • A spouse does not automatically inherit the property, whatever it may be.

    • A spouse cannot decide how property should be divided among the children or if they should inherit.

    • A spouse does not necessarily have the right to pick the person to handle estate assets.

    • Relatives do not have an inherent right to decide how to divide up the estate or who shall act.

    • The distribution is decided rigidly according to provincial or state legislation.

    • The distribution of an estate can be delayed indefinitely.

    • Provincial or state laws governing the distribution of the intestate estate change from time to time..

    • The amount of worry generated by someone who does not leave a Will is immense.

    Exactly What You Get With the National Will Kit

    If you do not have a Legal Will it could lead to conflict, disappointment, resentment and infighting among your surviving family members. When you have a Will, you can decide exactly where each asset or heirloom will go.

    If you’ve been putting it off, don’t wait a second longer!

    Most attorneys will charge you $500 or even $1,000 to draw up a Last Will and Testament for you. But most families don’t need anything anywhere near that involved.

    That’s why we’re offering this download. It has everything you need to develop your own legal, binding Last Will and Testament.

    It’s easily a $250 value, but we’re making it available today at a much lower price of $49.00.

    That’s right, for the price of a couple of pizzas, you can take a vital step to secure the legacy that you took a lifetime to build.

    To get started, simply click the buy now button below. You’ll get a link for an immediate download of everything you need.

    Privacy is 100 percent assured, and all transactions are fully encrypted for your security.

    Here are some immediate problems your Will can solve


      Children from prior associations could get disinherited. If your surviving spouse does not include your children from a prior association in his or her Will the assets will pass to your spouse’s children – and bypass your own children from prior marriages.  or partnerships.

      What does that mean?

      It means some child or children who have been part of your family  could get accidentally disinherited!

      Yes, you may have had every intention of including them in your financial legacy. But without a Will in place, it doesn’t matter. Intestate laws make no provision for unadopted stepchildren. If you fail to create a Will and include stepchildren as named beneficiaries, they can be disinherited.


      Along with your life insurance policies, your last Will and Testament is among the foundational financial planning documents you must have in place for your family’s future.

      If you are leaving a family business behind, and you don’t have a Will, the courts may break up the business – forcing a fire sale of the assets, or forcing one or more of your heirs into running a business that they have no interest in or talent for.

      It is important that everyone be treated fairly as otherwise, it creates family tensions that won’t go away.

      Perhaps not only your immediate family but other relations depend on the business still being there for them. To avoid a family horror show, you need to make provision for the distribution of your estate.


      Are you living in a common law relationship? Are you sure about your legal status? If you are still married, could your legal spouse, from whom you are separated, inherit should you die? If you cannot easily answer these questions then you definitely need a Will.

      Will someone whom you don’t really trust, inherit because you didn’t bother to have a Will?

      Here are the facts.

      If you pass on without a Will in place, the courts will decide how to allocate your assets for you. Without a Will, they have no idea what your wishes are. They will resort to a series of clumsy defaults called intestate laws that define how your assets will be distributed after you pass.

      If you do not want the government to dictate how many assets are shared, make your Will now.

    Last Will and Testament

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    You have read about the problems about not having a Will.
    And you know how to free yourself from that feeling of frustration and unpreparedness.


    ACT NOW! Legal Will for ONLY $49.00

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